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The Registered Nurse Degree apprenticeship is a 19 month apprenticeship programme, which is designed to enable learners to remain in a substantive role and study at the same time whilst completing a level 6 BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Degree. The apprenticeship route provides a flexible, work-based approach combining university study and workplace learning to develop apprentices into a qualified Registered Nurse.

The training programme emphasises the role that nurses can play in lifespan(pre-conception to end of life) of the individual, focusing on health and well-being and the ways in which they actively contribute to the delivery of holistic care. Holistic care across lifespan, is a whole-person approach which considers and equally values, physical, psychological and public health needs, learning disabilities, social, economic, spiritual and other factors in the assessing, planning and delivery of care.

This opportunity is available for our internal employees who can evidence a Level 5 Foundation Degree qualification in a related subject (e.g. Foundation Degree as a Nursing Associate) for further information on how to apply please contact us below:

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